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Little Snippets of Life-Stuff Worth Reading

PPM - People Preventative Maintenance 

Aug 21, 2019

We do PM (Preventative Maintenance) on furnaces, P-Tec units, and electrical devices which leads to fewer breakdowns and more efficient equipment. 

PEOPLE PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE is the art of offering tools to people to prevent a breakdown, or at least catch it before it happens. There are tools available to evaluate the "temperature" of a person's life, and to tell if the gage is getting too hot.  Fumes can be good in a car, but fumes in a person are toxic and dangerous if not relieved.  

We are ALL under construction.  

The Field

Aug 12, 2019

When you 'take to the field,' you will be alone in your mind for most of the day. Being alone can be scary, or it can be a place of thought-building.

Solitude. It's a place where air is filtered by the trees and lungs dance with clean fresh air. It's places like this that provoke thought and capture attention.

True attention.

It does not demand for your thoughts; it organically captures them. It's places like these that we are the most ourselves. The places that allow us to just be. Just sit

and be in the field and wonder.


July 14, 2019

Peace is not something that is brought blindly or unintentionally. It's the groundwork upon which life is built. When peace is present the statement, 'All is right with the

world,' and on stage as the star. It's the peace that matters and it's creating peace with friend or foe that leads to no regrets at the end of our lives. It's worth it to build on a

solid foundation of peace! Find the field every day in your mind. Go there. Meditate.

Close your eyes for a moment and see the field and let joy water it. The currency of rain is more valuable than diamonds to the crop. Give the crop what it truly needs and the value of the harvest increases. Steal from

the crop and you steal from your own stomach.

When it Rains

June 15, 2019

When it rains, there is something magical that happens in a field. The crop moves like ballet to the rhythm of the rain and together, a symphony of life and growth ushers nature to a standing ovation. It's in this beauty, sheer beauty that a man, if privileged to see a rainbow in the sky, can splash in magic and play with wonder as the sky opens up to kiss the Earth with color.Peace—true peace is the foundation to anything that matters. Life is meant to have people tilling peace in the lives of friends and strangers. Building peace in lives results in harmony and kindness. The result of peace in a culture builds more relationships than strangers, more bridges than walls, and strengthens people rather than killing them. Find peace and make it your goal to keep it planted in your mind's field.